Different Types of Coffee

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Different Types of Coffee by Mind Map: Different Types of Coffee

1. Black Coffee

1.1. Black coffee is water and coffee without any milk, flavors, honey, sugar, or cream.

1.2. Espresso is black coffee from Italy. Made by forcing high pressure steam through coffee beans creating a foam on top.

1.3. Black coffee is my least favorite.

2. Milk Based Coffee

2.1. Adding Milk to to black coffee provides a special type of aroma. Baristas love milk based coffee's. It allows them to foam the milk and decorate in different ways.

2.1.1. *Cappuccino

2.1.2. *Latte

2.1.3. *Macchiato

2.2. Milk based coffee is my absolute favorite!

3. Iced Coffee

3.1. Iced coffee is the perfect balance of a refreshing beverage with a soothe coffee aroma. Iced coffee can be made two different ways.

3.1.1. Brew cold by mixing ground coffee with cold water.

3.1.2. Brew it hot then cool with ice, mild, or cream.

3.1.3. Iced coffee lowers the amount of caffeine in coffee.

3.2. Iced coffee is my second favorite.

4. 3 Reasons Why People Drink Coffee

4.1. 1. It helps people feel less tired

4.2. 2. It increases energy levels

4.3. 3. Helps burn fat by jump starting the bodys metabolism.