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Entrepreneur by Mind Map: Entrepreneur

1. Business Idea

1.1. Establish a business idea

1.2. Establish ease of market entry

1.3. Figure out the "need" and how active people look for this

1.3.1. Look at keywords by reverse research

1.3.2. Check Quora

1.3.3. Check Answer the public

1.4. Solo enterprise or business partner/s (?)

2. Getting Started

2.1. Identify Goals

2.1.1. What is the profit you want to make

2.1.2. what is a realistic yearly growth potential

2.2. Identify Funds

2.2.1. what will be the start up costs

2.2.2. how much is already saved

2.2.3. how much will have to be loaned

3. Conduct Market Research

3.1. Identify Competition

3.1.1. See who is local that will be doing what you do

3.1.2. See who is international and global that will do what you do

3.1.3. anonymously ask for pitch decks or check competition sites for prices to develop reference

4. Pitch Deck

4.1. Build a pitch deck outlining:

4.1.1. Goals

4.1.2. Visuals

4.1.3. forecasts

4.1.4. what makes you different

4.1.5. find a wow factor