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Spider-Man by Mind Map: Spider-Man

1. Tries to balance out his job and his life as a Spider-Man

1.1. Has to keep lying

2. Power/ Skills

2.1. Started having these skills after getting bitten by a spider

2.1.1. Spider sense

2.1.2. Superhuman power

2.2. Can climb walls

2.2.1. after shooting the spiderweb

2.3. Shoots spiderweb from wrist mounted devices

2.4. Fighting skills are increasing as well

2.5. High and good eye-sight

2.5.1. Used to wear glasses before he gained the superpower

3. Life Style

3.1. Wears his own suit designed for him

3.1.1. Red and blue

3.1.2. Has spiderweb pattern on his suit

3.2. Had a girlfriend who knew about his power and supports it

3.2.1. Gwen Stacy

4. Expertise

4.1. Pro at protecting people

4.2. Fights with all sorts of antagonists

4.3. A lot of actions, movements, fights, shooting spiderweb

4.4. Jumps from one building to another

4.4.1. Fly

4.5. Sometimes agonizes over his own choices

5. Job

5.1. bodyguard for a mobster

5.1.1. Always has some issues or struggles throughout his life

5.1.2. Remained superhero since his high school through the entry of college

5.1.3. He believes it is the strangest job ever had

5.2. financial struggles

5.3. high school science teacher

5.4. scientist

5.5. business owner

5.6. Had a various of jobs, especially before his superpower for living

6. Activity

6.1. Fight against the antagonists

6.2. Help the citizens out

6.2.1. Anyone struggling from any problem

6.3. Always wears his suit when fighting or helping people out

6.3.1. He needs the suit

6.3.2. Doesn't want everyone to know his identity and therefore hides his face

7. Social Role

7.1. Portrayed as the protagonist who helps and protects people

7.1.1. Controversial on the morality

7.1.2. Some people are still against him

7.2. Always attempting to do right

7.3. Often viewed with suspicion by authorities

8. Peers

8.1. Used to be anti social

8.2. Was bullied by Eugene "Flash" Thompson

8.2.1. Later becomes his friend

8.3. Harry Osborn is Peter's best friend

8.3.1. Sometimes depicted as Peter's rival