Roman Republic and Empire

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Roman Republic and Empire by Mind Map: Roman Republic and Empire

1. He conquered Syria and Asia Minor

2. Republic

2.1. Social classes

2.1.1. Patricians and Plebeians A wealthy and a poor class

2.1.2. Struggle Plebeians felt they weren't treated fairly by patricians taken advantage of there ignorance

2.2. Republic Government

2.2.1. Senate Mostly patrician controlled Around 900 senate members

2.2.2. Consuls/Magistrates 2 consuls, both could propose laws and veto They could also summon assemblies They were elected by the assemblies

2.2.3. Assemblies `Plebeian assembles allowed for there representation any person could vote in the assemblies

2.3. The failure

2.3.1. The Social war non roman Italians wanted citizenship rebelled and got it

2.3.2. The establishment of the first triumvirate Created because of the example set by Sulla Caesar became a dictator Then the second triumvirate

3. Empire

3.1. Emperors

3.1.1. Julio-Claudian and Flavian Emperors Julio Claudian Descendants of Augustus Flavian Emperors Took over after winning civil war caused by death of last Julio -Claudian

3.1.2. The Good Emperors Nerva Trajan Hadrian Antoninus Pius Marcus Aurelius

3.1.3. Octavian Augustus Hadn't planned on dictatorship He secretly knew Rome would never return to the way it was Fought in civil war like Caesar WON control from second triumvirate

3.2. Triumvirates

3.2.1. First Triumvirate Julius Caesar murdered He became a dictator after civil war with Pompey Gnaeus Pompey Faced Caesar in a civil war and lost to him Licinius Crassus DIED

3.2.2. Second triumvirate Octavean SEE OCTAVIAN AUGUSTUS Antony Ally with cleopatra Lepidus Just got pushed aside from power Marc Antoney