The Roman Republic and Empire

Roman Republic and Empire

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The Roman Republic and Empire by Mind Map: The Roman Republic and Empire

1. Roman Empire

1.1. Augustus (Octavian) started it

1.1.1. Initiated building projects

1.1.2. Created a time of peace called Pax Romana

1.2. Constantine united the 2 empires after they split

1.2.1. Converted the empire to Christianity

1.2.2. Moved the capital to Constantinople

1.3. ended when the last emperor was killed by Odoacer, the Germanic King

2. First Triumvirate

2.1. Julius Caesar

2.1.1. military hero

2.1.2. stormed Rome with 40,000 soldiers

2.1.3. took control of Roman empire, Asia minor, and northern Africa

2.2. Pompey

2.2.1. veteran

2.2.2. became governor of Spain

2.2.3. killed after fleeing to Egypt

2.3. Marcus Licinius Crassus

2.3.1. military leader

2.3.2. supplied money for the triumvirate to start

2.3.3. killed in the Battle of Carrhae

3. Classes

3.1. Plebeians

3.1.1. Poor

3.1.2. Couldn't hold public office

3.2. Patricians

3.2.1. Ruling class

3.2.2. Wealthy

3.2.3. Small percentage of population but held almost all of the power

3.3. Conflicts

3.3.1. Plebeians went on strike to gain more rights

3.3.2. They were able to run for office and marry patricians

4. Second Triumvirate

4.1. Mark Antony

4.1.1. Believed he was rightful heir to the empire

4.1.2. was declared a public enemy after trying to gain the title of emperor

4.2. Octavian

4.2.1. also believed he was heir to the empire

4.2.2. had the support of most of the army

4.2.3. beat Mark Antony and won over the Senate, becoming the first emperor of the Roman Empire

4.3. Lepidus

4.3.1. named Chief Priest even though we was least strong

4.3.2. Also declared a public enemy

4.3.3. banished by Octavian from the triumvirate

5. Roman Republic

5.1. Senate

5.1.1. The Senate proposes laws and has the control of the treasury

5.2. Consuls/Magistrates

5.2.1. they lead the military and are the supreme masters of the government

5.3. Assemblies

5.3.1. Granted office to those that deserve it through the elections

5.3.2. Also had final say in passing or repealing laws

5.3.3. Made final decision on the question of peace or war

5.4. Defeating the Greeks in the Macedonian Wars made them a true Mediterranean power

6. The Good Emperors

6.1. Nerva

6.1.1. 96-98 CE, gained support after renouncing previous emperors ruling tactics

6.2. Trajan

6.2.1. 98-117 CE, son of Nerva and expanded the Roman military more than anyone before him

6.3. Hadrian

6.3.1. 117-138 CE, cousin of Trajan and built many structures including Hadrian's Wall

6.4. Antonius Pius

6.4.1. 138-161 CE, adopted son of Hadrian and known for peaceful reign

6.5. Marcus Aurelius

6.5.1. 161-180 CE, last of Good Emperors, philosopher