What elements to good stories always have?

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What elements to good stories always have? by Mind Map: What elements to good stories always have?

1. When and Where

1.1. Create a setting

1.2. Paint the reader a picture, like we can see the story happening in our minds!

1.3. using our senses (sounds, smells, sight, feeling, and tastes)

2. B.M.E

2.1. Beginning that intersts the reader

2.2. Middle where the story develops

2.3. Ending that wraps it all up

3. Characters

3.1. Author tells us who is involved

3.2. Lead us through the story

4. Something unexpected happens

4.1. something goes missing

4.2. conflict (with resolution at the end)

4.3. there is a problem to fix

5. Resources:

5.1. https://www.doe.in.gov/sites/default/files/standards/enla/grade-2-ias-2014-update-2017.pdf

5.2. Teaching Story Elements — Literacy Ideas

6. Lets watch this video!

6.1. Parts of a Story

7. First lets review!

7.1. Sentence fluency

7.1.1. capitalization

7.1.2. punctuation

7.1.3. long and short sentences

7.1.4. correct spelling

7.2. WOW Words

7.2.1. use adjectives!

7.2.2. make the sentence exciting!