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Samantha by Mind Map: Samantha

1. Past

1.1. Education

1.1.1. I've attended many different elementary schools and a couple middle/junior high schools. So I could never define my earlier days in school in a simple manner.

1.1.2. I've always been a quiet student, resulting in many teachers not liking me/forgetting about me, literally. It doesn't bother me much now, but I try to make an effort to be a little bit more sociable.

1.2. Background

1.2.1. Both of my parents and all of their families are from Mexico. I'm the only "foreigner", as an American.

1.2.2. I speak Spanish at home, and English at school as well as French.

1.3. Personality

1.3.1. My personality has always been very much an introvert, and I feel as though people find me intimidating at first. Since on the surface I'm serious and non talkative.

1.3.2. I always taken a bit of time to warm up to people, since I don't trust many. But when the ice finally breaks, I'm pretty goofy.

1.4. Extra Curricular

1.4.1. At the age of seven I used to do gymnastics when my parents found out about my flexibility.

1.4.2. Then I remember asking for singing lessons, where I learned the basics.

1.4.3. Violin and piano lessons came after, though I never got into those instruments seriously.

2. Present

2.1. Education

2.1.1. I'm in grade 12, and attend Cariboo Hill Secondary. High school to me has been uninteresting compared to a lot of people, I guess. I spend the whole school day just going to classes, and in between I read my books.

2.1.2. My favorite classes would have to be band and psychology. As for music, it's something I will always hold close to my heart. It has the capacity to make the world disappear, even if only for a few moments.

2.1.3. Most of my current classes are because of my needed credits to graduate, so nothing quite out of the ordinary like Digi-pen.

2.2. Hobbies

2.2.1. I try to practice my singing everyday, and just enjoy myself. Watching and learning from vocal coaches online helps me improve my technique and breathing. .

2.2.2. As of the past year, I've gotten into fitness. I go to hot yoga/fitness classes where the session is held in an infrared sauna. I really enjoy it as part of my self care.

2.2.3. Even though I'm not very good at it, I like to occasionally draw with reference to anything I find pretty. I also like coloring books to help ease my stress and anxiety.

2.3. Interests

2.3.1. Being a huge animal lover, my heart melts when seeing them. When I am older and a lot more financially stable, I'd like to foster dogs whenever possible.

2.3.2. Music is definitely something I'd like to pursue in whatever way possible. Song writing is something I'd like to gain experience with.

2.3.3. Traveling has been a big part of my life, and I want to keep doing that along side my dog who's my best friend.

2.4. Relationships

2.4.1. Friends, they're something I've learned to identify, real friends anyway. I have two close friends whom have stuck with me through all the changes when I no one else did.

2.4.2. My parents are my trusted advisers and I'm so grateful to have their support during this time in my life.

2.4.3. Each passing day, I keep trying to improve my most important relationship, with myself.

3. Future

3.1. Education

3.1.1. I hope to have gotten my bachelor's in psychology in the future. To attend a college then a university to complete it.

3.1.2. Douglas College is preferred choice, and fortunately I've been accepted. I'm very excited about it!

3.1.3. I'd also like to explore different areas such as beauty, animal care, languages, music etc.

3.2. Family

3.2.1. Though I've made up my mind about not having the traditional outlook for a woman's life after marriage, it's possible it can change.

3.2.2. Hopefully in the future I'd like to expand my family. To adopt more dogs or possibly a cat.

3.2.3. After a certain while I'd like to marry and settle down in one town/city.

3.3. Job

3.3.1. I don't really know what I want to do yet, but in the future I assume I will have chosen which career area I'd settle on.

3.3.2. I'd like to have a good job that can comfortably support myself and future animals.

3.3.3. Most importantly, I'd like to be happy with my job and do something that fulfills me.

3.4. Hobbies

3.4.1. Fitness is without a doubt something I'll always be practicing. I definitely see it in my future.

3.4.2. Volunteering is something I'd like to dedicate more time to when I'm more established.

3.4.3. Singing will always be there too, no doubt. With it being my biggest stress reliever, I don't see it going anywhere. Knitting seems something I'd like to take up