Leadership Skills (January)

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Leadership Skills (January) by Mind Map: Leadership Skills (January)

1. Verbal Communication

1.1. Challenges

1.1.1. Versatility

1.1.2. Perception

1.1.3. Clarity

1.2. Helpful adaptations

1.2.1. Replace "should" with "could" "must" with "might"

1.2.2. Say (much) less

1.2.3. Ask open questions

1.2.4. Start with why

1.2.5. Soften your body language

1.2.6. Consider your facial expression

1.3. Further reading

1.3.1. How versatile is your communication as a leader?

1.3.2. Social Styles training model

1.3.3. Why you need to adapt how you communicate for each situation

2. Objectivity

2.1. Threats

2.1.1. Enthusiasm

2.1.2. Passion

2.1.3. Emotional investment

2.1.4. Stress

2.1.5. Pressure

2.2. Benefits

2.2.1. Can reduce frustration

2.2.2. Focus on facts

2.2.3. Better understand purpose

2.2.4. Aids perspective

2.2.5. Better able to put the user first

2.3. Mental models

2.3.1. Learning to lead (and succeed) through objectivity

2.3.2. The principles of objectivity can help you think smarter

2.3.3. How to be objective when you're emotionally invested

3. Resilience

3.1. Risk factors

3.1.1. Focussing solely on problems

3.1.2. Choosing only the most difficult tasks

3.2. Coping techniques

3.2.1. Three Buckets Model Things in here are going well Things in here need my attention Things in here are outside my control

3.2.2. Create a support network Identify people you can rely on Develop new friendships Don't go it alone - talk!

3.2.3. Make stress your friend

3.3. Further reading

3.3.1. How can I be more resilient?

3.3.2. Five science-backed strategies to build resilience

4. Icons made by Freepik from Flatiron