Moon Colony

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Moon Colony by Mind Map: Moon Colony

1. Electricity and basic necessities

1.1. Energy

1.1.1. Thermoelectric generator

1.1.2. Nuclear fusion generator

1.1.3. Solar power

1.2. Basic necessities

1.2.1. Extracting oxygen from moon dust

1.2.2. Melting ice from the south pole

2. Threats of living on the moon

2.1. Asteroids

2.1.1. Using the lava tubes to shield

2.1.2. Extracting the asteroids before they reach potential

2.2. Ultraviolet Radiation

2.2.1. Reflecting the Radiation

2.2.2. Using anti-UV light spacesuits

3. Expansion of the colony

3.1. Building buildings using moon dust

3.2. Accepting people besides scientists and engineers

4. Becoming a self-sufficient colony

4.1. Producing unique products

4.2. Making food and water without importing materials

5. Potential new technology

5.1. New launch pad to other planets

5.2. Helium-3 nuclear fusion generator

6. Benefits of a moon colony

6.1. Failsafe for earth

6.2. Better detection of asteroids coming towards earth