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Prose by Mind Map: Prose

1. The fiction is divided in : Novel and Short story,both of the includes some kinds of prose ,like descriptive prose, the dialogue and monolingue ,the historical prose, ecc..

1.1. The fiction has some element that are always presenta in every story, like the story ,the character,the time and the space.

2. The main structural features of prose are : story and plot, the settimo , the character and the narrator and point of view.

2.1. The story and plot: the story is the description of a connected series of e events, true of immagined while the plot is the way in which the events are organized in to narrative.

2.2. The setting: It includes the place where the story happens, the time knowable or invente background and the social setting, like the behaviour and the fresa of characters.

2.3. The character: It is a person rapresented in a story . A character mah ne a main character or a second character. A character maybe also realistic,like real man and somma, or types, fixed steredyped figure dinamic or static.

2.4. The narrator and point of view: the narrator is Who narrate the story. The re are severa of narrator, each work a different point of view.

2.4.1. A first -person-narrator is the narrator and usually the main character of the story. A Third-person-narrator is not usually part of the story. The narrator is obtnusive when eh comments the story while he is anbtrosive when he never comments the story. The narrator mah ne also all knowing and omniscient when he know how the story will finish and he know the tought of characters.

3. The short story

3.1. It is written in artistic prose. It is short and carefully constructed. The short story incluedes a lot of themos and subseats. It is posed on a complex story , with characters and a first-person-narrator or third-person-narrator.

3.1.1. The short story begins in the middle situation, that is why the story is short.

4. The novel

4.1. It is a long work of fiction written in prose , it is divided in some genres: the utopian novel, the science fiction novel, the historical novel and the picaresque novel.

4.2. The utopian novel: old utopian novel was about an ideal world, while the modern utopian novel about a hopeless tyrannical world.

4.3. The science fiction novel is based on new scientific discoveries.

4.4. The historical novel is based an past and historical events.

4.5. The picaresque novel is about the comic adventures of young people.