Gay Rights History

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Gay Rights History by Mind Map: Gay Rights History

1. Important People

1.1. There are many important people who played a large role in gay rights history such as activist and some political actors.

1.2. Harvey Milk

1.2.1. Harvey was the first openly gay elected official in California and was also an activist once he was out.

1.3. Barbara Gittings

1.3.1. mother of the LGBTQ+ Civil rights movement.

1.3.2. Founder of the New York chapter of the Daughters of Bilitis, the first national organization for lesbians.

1.3.3. Helped lobby the American Psychiatric Association to change its stance on homosexuality from a mental disorder.

1.4. Brenda Howard

1.4.1. Creator if the Pride march

2. Important Events

2.1. There are many events that have taken place that as a catalyst for change.

2.2. 1969:

2.2.1. Stonewall Riot A riot against police for raiding gay bars. at the time serving known gays or people who were suspected to be gay was prohibited.

2.3. 1970:

2.3.1. First Pride march

2.4. 1974:

2.4.1. APA removes homosexuality from list of disorders.

3. Legislation time line

3.1. understanding the timeline of laws out in place to protect gays or to give gays certain rights, is important because it helps one understand what the political climate was like and it also helps one to understand the struggle those in the LGBTQ community had to face and that it was a battle that took a long time. it also shows the set backs that have occurred.

3.1.1. 1999: California adopts a domestic partner law, allowing same-sex couples equal rights, responsibilities, benefits, and protections as married couples.

3.2. 2004:

3.2.1. Massachusetts legalizes same-sex marriage (first state to legalize)

3.3. 2008:

3.3.1. Proposition 8 amendment banning same-sex marriage in California Repealed 10 2010 for being unconstitutional

3.4. 2011

3.4.1. The Obama administration states they will no longer support the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) which banned the recognition of same-sex marriages in the United States.