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Me (Janice) by Mind Map: Me (Janice)

1. Personal Drive to BECOME better.

1.1. Beliefs that help us to be effective

1.1.1. Mindfullness In what I eat In believing in myself that I can do hard things.

1.1.2. Goal setting Applying the SMART Goals technique to envision and accomplish steps towards my goal

1.1.3. Activity to strengthen Setting goals to get my activity in each day.

2. Weight Watchers Employee

2.1. Provide support to members struggling

2.2. Guide

2.2.1. Weigh in Members Provide Accountability Counsel members to help them succeed Encourage to set Goals for the week

2.2.2. Organize Office Handle money and tally Restock retail shelves with product

2.3. Coach

2.3.1. Weigh in Members Provide support to members struggling Counsel members to help with succeed Encourage members to set goals Provide accountability By weighting them in each week Giving them someone to set goals with

2.3.2. Prepare a discussion outline Use Information provided by WW Add my personality and experience to the lesson Find motivating Quotes to help inspire members

2.3.3. Discussion facilitator Ask questions that motivate and inspire Link members with relate-able questions Provide control to the discussion (bringing it back to topic)