The History of Propaganda Art

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The History of Propaganda Art by Mind Map: The History of Propaganda Art

1. Purpose

1.1. Propaganda has been used to sway the publics opinion since very early human history. The very nature of it is to coerce people into following another's agenda.

1.2. Augustus of Primaporta 20 BC.

1.2.1. Augustus as Pontifex Maximus Augustus wearing the robes of the Pontifex maximus illustrates him bringing government and religion together. He was even called the "divi filius," which translates to "son of god."

1.2.2. Used to show Augustus as a great military leader and conquerer. The dolphin is a symbol of a naval victory and the cupid implies he is descended from the gods.

1.3. This has been an effective way for the people in power to make the masses rally around them. It can be useful in not only wartime, but in peaceful times to concrete one's power.

2. Propaganda During WW I & II

2.1. This poster was more or less used to shame men into joining the military. After all, to be a man one must enlist.

2.2. Used to stoke public hatred towards Hitler's regime and to make them seem cartoonish.

3. Ancient Propaganda

3.1. The Column of Trajan

3.1.1. Depicts Roman battles against the Dacians

3.1.2. This column was built after both of the Dacian wars. Trajan wanted to depict the gran d victories of him and his army to the Roman people.