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Georgia by Mind Map: Georgia

1. No direct flight from Thailand (Mostly connecting to Bahrain, Kazakhstan, Russia)

2. Another interesting tourist destination in the world is located on the intersection between Europe and Southeast Asia of the Black Sea in history, which has more than 2,500 years in English, the oldest still in use in the world. There is also a beautiful and old language, but also a culture and And a beautiful, charming, unique architecture located in Asia. But there are different architectures and cultures in the country Is in the list of countries that do not need a visa, which Thai people can travel to And stay in the country for up to 90 days

3. 10 nights at Tbilisi at a 3-star hotel ฿ 9,446

4. Traveling to Georgia Not difficult, can take the plane to get off at Tbilisi International Airport in the capital city of Tbilisi.

5. Traveling within Georgia If wanting to travel to other cities Besides the capital, Tbilisi Traveling by personal car is the most comfortable and time-saving way. In Georgia, highways are in good condition. Anyone who drives fluently or has skills in driving up and down the hill can rent a car to drive by themselves. The advantage of driving by yourself is the ability to park and enjoy the view. On both sides of the road You can stop and press the shutter whenever you like. For those who do not drive smoothly, you can choose to take a taxi, train or minibus to travel between cities.

6. Attractions

7. Money

8. Tranportation

9. Have to know

10. Information

11. Thai people can enter Georgia without a visa for 365 days.

12. No 7-elveven

13. Use Lari money (not exchanged in Thailand). 1 Lari equals 12.60 baht. Estimated to be USD, Euro, or Russian money.

14. Give importance to the zebra crossing Regardless of how strong his car is He will brake us to go. If we appeared on the crosswalk

15. (Caucasus Mountains)

16. Tsminda Sameba Opening-Closing Hours: 24 hours Admission fee: Free

17. The Bridge of Peace Bridge of peace Is a curved pedestrian bridge Steel and glass construction, many LED lights above the River Kura. In the city of Tbilisi The capital city of georgia The bridge stretches 150 meters long, connecting the old town with the new town. At night, the bridge will be illuminated by thousands of white LED lights around the roof.

18. Traveling from Thailand, there is no direct flight. Only have to stop to change devices in other countries only. There are UAE, Kazakhstan, Bahrain, Turkey etc. Which country do you like to visit? Can find any type of promotion, can choose immediately Travel time is 11-12 hours (not including transit) and the duration is 3 hours slower than ours. Oh, forget to say here. Use currency GEL (Georgian Lari). Of course, this strange currency is not available. Will definitely exchange from Thailand For good, exchange the USD or EUR with you first. Once arriving at Tbilisi International Airport, it can be exchanged for GEL money. The airport rate is very good. Or going to exchange in the city, try traveling at the best-priced shop to exchange