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S3 by Mind Map: S3

1. Indentity Access mgmt 101 (IAM 101)

1.1. Manage users and their level of access to AWS console

1.1.1. Multi-factor authentication

1.1.2. Identity Federation with FB, Linkedin, AD..

1.1.3. Support PCI DSS compliance

1.2. Terms

1.2.1. Users, groups, Roles, Policies

2. CloudFront

2.1. Is Content Delivery Network (CDN): a system of distributed servers (network) that deliver webpages and other web content to a users

2.2. Base on geographic location

2.3. Edge location: the location the content will be cached, separated to an AWS region/AZ. You can both read/write

2.4. Origin: the origin of files that CDN will distribute, can be: S3 bucket, EC2 instance, Elastic

2.5. Distribution: the name given the CDN which consists of a collection of edge locations

2.6. Object are cached for the life of the TTL (time to live)

3. Snowball

3.1. snowball is a Petabyte scale data transport solution by using secure appliance to transfer large amount of data into and out of AWS

3.1.1. simple, fast and secure, 1/5 cost of speed internet

3.1.2. 02 flavours: 50TB and 80TB size

3.1.3. tamper- resistanct:256 bit encryption, TPM designed software erasure of the snowball appliance

3.1.4. AWS snowball edge is a 100TB appliance

4. Snowmobile

4.1. Exaby-scale data transfer service: up to 100PB

5. Storage gateway

5.1. is a service to provide seamless and secure integration between an on-premise IT to AWS

5.1.1. secure

5.1.2. scalable

5.2. Can be physical or virtual appliance

5.2.1. File GW Store and managed as objects in S3 buckets

5.2.2. Volume GW (iSCSI) Store Volume async backup, point in time snapshot the volumes Data store in premise and async to Amazon S3 in the form of Elastic Block Store (EBS) snapshot Cached Volume use amazon S3 as primary storage, provide your application with low-latency access to their frequently access. iscsi volume up to 32TiB and 32Tb size for cache volume

5.2.3. Tape GW (VTL) Archive your data in AWS cloud Leverage traditional tape-based backup application Reconfigured with a media changer and tape drivers