The US and WW2

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The US and WW2 by Mind Map: The US and WW2

1. Treaty of Versailles

1.1. After WW1 ends, the leaders of the world get together and sign the Treaty of Versailles. This pinned all of the blame of the war on Germany and made Germany pay for the costs of the war.

1.1.1. The treaty was signed in late June of 1919, the signing of this treaty would be one of the major causes of the breakout of the second World War.

2. Pearl Harbor

2.1. The attack on Pearl Harbor occurred on December 7, 1941 and changed the course of WW2 and America's involvement in the ongoing war in Europe.

2.1.1. During the Attack on Pearl Harbor, the casualties were devastating. In total there were 2,335 Americans killed and another 1,143 wounded.