What is technology?

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What is technology? by Mind Map: What is technology?

1. What I thought before

1.1. When first starting this course, I thought that technology was a simple piece of equipment like a computer or a phone, because they require different types of software and wiring in order to be able to function.

1.1.1. Examples of what I believed technology is Computers Phones Headphones Google Home or Alexa Televisions

1.1.2. I believed that technology was created to help people become more lazy as time goes on. It allows for people to access certain things without leaving the comfort of their own spaces.

1.1.3. Technology seems like the advancement of simple things to make it easier on humans to do more difficult tasks.

2. What I think now

2.1. After reading the information and watching the videos that were provided I realized that technology isn't just a set of equipment that need to be hardwired to be able to work but that technology is everywhere around us and can be as simple as a bicycle or a pencil and paper.

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4. My Creative Aspect

4.1. What I did

4.1.1. I decided to create a mindmap How to Make a Mind Map - The Basics The Power of a Mind to Map: Tony Buzan at TEDxSquareMile

4.2. How is this creative?

4.2.1. I have never done a mindmap online so I really stepped out of my comfort zone for this.

4.2.2. Struggled quite a bit to create one but I kept trying and trying until it was all finished.

5. What I learned from the course material

5.1. When people think of “technology,” they tend to think of human artifacts such as machines, electronic devices, scientific hardware, or industrial manufacturing systems. This prevailing public definition based on current usage is "technology equals machinery." But this is limited to machinery and therefore ignores the true sense of technology as "the systematic application of scientific and other organized knowledge to practical tasks" (Galbraith, 1967, p. 12)

5.1.1. The word technology was not used until 1952

5.2. "A formal definition (College Dictionary) of technology indicates that it has a more general meaning which includes any “practical application of knowledge” or “manner of accomplishing a task”."

5.2.1. The first known use of the word technology was all the way back in 1829

5.3. Alan Kay believes that "Technology is anything invented after you were born."

5.3.1. For example I was born in the year 1998, so considering Alan Kay's statement. Anything invented after 1998 would be considered technology to me. For a better look at things, fuel-efficient hybrid cars were created after I was born so that would be technology to me but it also depends on the definition of another person.

6. Conclusion

6.1. To conclude, technology is the invention of all things. It doesn't just involve equipment that has been hardwired or made up of software but otherwise anything that has been built or things that can help benefit ones needs.

6.1.1. It is a combination of several things like a base, something as simple as a plant and "hardware" so to say, like someones knowledge of something and their skills towards the knowledge the possess.