Science struture

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Science struture by Mind Map: Science struture

1. Form

1.1. What type of structure will it be?

1.1.1. Will it be a frame, Solid, Shell or Combination structure? Which one will be the best but still strong for your function of your structure? Which one will be the most appropriate for the structure that you are building? Will the structure be strong enough?

1.2. Will the form of the structure still be able to withstand forces?

1.2.1. How will the shape affect how stable it is?

1.3. What material will you use to make the shape you want but still be very strong and stable?

1.3.1. Will it still have the shape it suppose to be?

1.4. Will it be too heavy?

2. Forces

2.1. What external force will act on your structure?

2.1.1. What dynamic load will impact it? What will you use to prevent it from failing?

2.1.2. What happens if a hurricane hit it?

2.1.3. What happens if a Tornado hits it

2.1.4. What happens if A blizzard hits it?

2.1.5. What happens if a earthquakes hits it?

2.2. What Internal forces will impact your structure?

2.2.1. Will i be Shear, Torsion, Tension or Compression? What Structural Components will you use to prevent this? How many will you use and will they help your structure not fail? Will you use curves, triangles, Lamination, Ties, Struts and corrugation to make your structure more stable and prevent forces? Will the function of the structure be the same as before? What will happen to your structure if any of these forces acted on it?

3. Stablity

3.1. Will the mass be evened out?

3.1.1. How will you even it out? Will you use the same materials throughout the structure?

3.2. Where will the Centre of gravity be?

3.2.1. If it is high what will you do to fix it? Will you put a bigger base to make it stable?

3.3. What will you do to avoid Structural failure?

3.4. Will your structure be symmetrical?

3.4.1. If not how will you make it still stable? How will being symmetrical prevent your structure from failing?