Life of Farmers During the Great Depression

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Life of Farmers During the Great Depression by Mind Map: Life of Farmers During the Great Depression

1. Causes/Effects of the Depression

1.1. Farmers were struggling in the 1920's due to large amounts of loans being taken out of banks to buy more land and equipment

1.1.1. In 1929, the US economy collapsed, thus worsening the situation of farmers, and many of them lost their land Article explaining the situation of farmers

2. Technological Developments

2.1. Steel became stronger and cheaper

2.1.1. Tractor companies began to borrow some automobile technology, such as using rubber tires

3. Relief Received

3.1. President Roosevelt signs in the Agriculture Adjustment Administration, however the AAA was ruled as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court

3.1.1. Unfortunately, other Acts passed by the United States Congress designed to aid farmers were struck down by the Supreme Court as well, bringing no initial relief but slowing the pain Additional Reading about aid