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Brent Spencer by Mind Map: Brent Spencer

1. Military Flying Experience

1.1. 2800 Flight Hours

1.2. Led the delivery of over 3 million lbs of cargo in support of US POTUS travels

1.3. C-17 Instructor Pilot School

2. US Air Force Career

2.1. Assignments

2.1.1. Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA Operations Scheduler Mobility Officer Base Director of Airlift

2.1.2. Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, AK Flight Commander Led team of 15 officers Base Chief of Flight Safety Managed 5 person team: oversaw the closure of 63 Aviation Safety/Accidents Investigations Resources Advisor Managed $2.2 Million budget

2.1.3. Altus Air Force Base, OK: 2019-Present Formal Training Unit Instructor Pilot

2.2. Operational Deployments

2.2.1. Operation Enduring Freedom/Freedom Sentinel Ali Al Salem AB, Kuwait: 2014 Manas AB, Kyrgyszstan: 2012 Thumrait AB, Oman: 2013 Al Udeid AB, Qatar: 2015

2.2.2. Operation United Assistance (Ebola Outbreak)

2.2.3. Operation Inherent Resolve

3. FAA Flying Certificates

3.1. Private Pilot License

3.2. Commercial Pilot License

3.3. Airline Transport Pilot License

4. Education

4.1. Bachelor's in Systems Aeronautical Engineering

4.1.1. US Air Force Academy

4.2. Professional Military Education

4.2.1. Air & Space Basic Course

4.2.2. Squadron Officer School

4.3. Aviation Safety Program Management Course

4.4. Aircraft Mishap Investigation Course

4.5. Artic Survival Course