Jennifer Elizabeth Coliton

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Jennifer Elizabeth Coliton by Mind Map: Jennifer Elizabeth Coliton

1. Education

1.1. St. William Catholic School (Kindergarten-6th)

1.2. St. Edward-Epiphany Catholic School (6th-7th)

1.3. John Bednarcik Junior High School (7th-8th)

1.4. Oswego East High School (9th-12th)

1.4.1. Extra-Curricular Activities Senior Class President National Honor Society Officer National Technical Honor Society Future Educators Association Yearbook Editor Varsity Cheerleading Senior Advisory Mentor Student Ambassador Prom Committee Oswego Youth Tackle Football Cheerleading Coach St. Anne's Catholic Church Godparent Program "Ragtime" The Musical "Chicago" The Musical

1.4.2. Certificates and Awards United States Achievement Academy All-American Scholar Learning Service Award Over 400 community service hours Oswego District 308 Leadership Award Homecoming Court 2009

1.5. University of Central Florida

1.5.1. Elementary Education Pending

2. Personal Goals

2.1. Get Accepted into the College of Education

2.1.1. Receive Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education Land Teaching Position

2.2. Find a House

2.2.1. Buy Furnature Decorate

2.3. Buy a Car

2.3.1. Save Money for Gas & Insurance

2.4. Get Married

2.4.1. Buy a House Have a Family

3. Childhood

3.1. Born on June 24, 1993

3.1.1. Born to John and Kim Coliton

3.1.2. Older Sibling, John (11 months)

3.2. First home in Redford, Michigan

3.3. Moved to Walled Lake, Michgan

3.4. Brother Joey is Born

3.5. Brother Jeremy is Born

3.6. Moved to Richmond, Virgina

3.7. Moved to Chicago, Illinois