Growing A Garden

Gardening Brainstorming for Elementary Kids

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Growing A Garden by Mind Map: Growing A Garden

1. Gardening and Healthy Eating

1.1. Explore how food goes from growing in a field to being bought at a store 5 Simple Steps to Bridge the Farm to Table Gap for Kids | LiveWell Colorado

1.2. What kinds of healthy foods can we grow in our gardens?

2. Gathering Materials: What does a plant need to grow?

2.1. A plant needs: container, soil, water, sunlight, temperate environment

2.2. How does a plant use only soil, water, and sunlight to make its own food and grow?Grow Your Own Plants! - #sciencegoals

3. Plant Life Cycle

3.1. Explain each stage of the plant's life cycle and how it repeats

3.2. Plant anatomy: make a diagram and explain why the different parts are important