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Reading by Mind Map: Reading

1. Definition: Reading is where you are looking at printed words and can understand them. We read to get meaning of the text as well.

2. Learning to read

3. Skills used in reading

3.1. Using letter-sound relationships

3.1.1. Phonics

3.2. Acquiring a sight vocabulary

3.3. Gaining meaning from context

3.3.1. Comprehension

4. Cueing Systems

4.1. Grapho-Phonological

4.1.1. Modeling words and their rhymes

4.1.2. Experimental and temporary spelling and combinations of words

4.1.3. 44 to 48 Phonemes

4.1.4. Graphemes consist of the correspondence of the letters

4.2. Syntactic

4.2.1. Combining sentences and figuring out the correct order in which the sentence makes sense


4.3. Semantic

4.3.1. Making send of the meaning of word

4.3.2. Vocabulary

4.3.3. Discovering the different meaning of the same word or phrase

4.3.4. "make change" in life versus "make change" in math

4.4. Pragmatic

4.4.1. Social and cultural use for language

4.4.2. People speak differently in situations or groups, this helps to decipher that



5. Reading should always be meaningful

5.1. The relationship between the writer and the reader need to have a meaningful understanding