The life of Gabriel Dumont

Gabriel Dumont

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The life of Gabriel Dumont by Mind Map: The life of Gabriel Dumont

1. 10 yrs old

1.1. deadly shot with a bow

1.2. great swimmer

1.3. can catch and tame a wild horse

1.4. good woods man

2. 25 yrs old

2.1. he was the chief of the south Saskatchewan Metis

2.2. he was the leader of the great buffalo hunt

3. March 20,1869

3.1. H.B.C. sold Rupert's Land to government of Canada

3.1.1. was the home of Gabriel dumont's metis

4. Gabriel was afraid his Metis would lose their land

4.1. Gabriel Dumont offered 500 Fighting men to help the people of Red River but was turned down Because Lois Riel wanted a peaceful settlement

4.2. led by Louis Riel the Metis of Red River revolted against Canada.

4.2.1. Red River Rebellion The Metis cause was met with defeat

5. 1872 Gabriel Dumont claimed some land and built a house

5.1. farmed the land , ran a store , and ran a Ferry

5.1.1. Ferry was called Gabriel's Crossing now its a Bridge called Gabriel's bridge

5.1.2. he became wealthy by Metis standards

6. Things Changed in western Canada

6.1. Indians signed treaties 6 and 7

6.1.1. they moved onto Reserves this bothered the Metis that their cousins were given ancestral lands but they were not.

7. 1884 Gabriel Dumont and the Metis people asked for Lois Riel's help in dealing with the government of Canada so they could have their land

7.1. Government ignored Riel

7.1.1. Riel took the law into his own hands Government sent mounted police to put down the rebellion

8. March 26 ,1885 North west rebellion began west of Duck lake

8.1. Gabriel Dumont was the General of the fighting force, he led his forces out to meet the R.C.M.P.

8.1.1. He defeated the Governments forces.

9. May 9, 1885 Metis forces were crushed after a heroic battle now called the Battle of Batoche or the Northwest Rebellion.

9.1. the rebellion was over

9.1.1. Lois Riel turned himself in. November 16, 1885 accused of treason he was hung to death after a trial

10. Lois Riel's , General Gabriel Dumont, escaped into the united states.

10.1. He became a part of Buffalo Bill's wild west show

10.1.1. he was called" the hero of the Half breed rebellion"

11. Canada forgave Gabriel Dumont

11.1. he returned to Canada

12. 1890 he returned to his home ,Gabriels Crossing

12.1. he lived out his life quietly and peacefully with hunting and fishing

13. May 19, 1906 Gabriel Dumont Died after a full and adventurous life.