Importance of Reading -Erin Gonzales

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Importance of Reading -Erin Gonzales by Mind Map: Importance of Reading -Erin Gonzales

1. Introduction

1.1. importance of reading

1.1.1. improvements in writing

1.1.2. improvements in vocab

1.1.3. creative thinking

1.2. share the troubles of not reading

2. Execution

2.1. talk about what reading can result in

2.2. talk about how much reading should be done to be effective

2.2.1. at least everyday

2.2.2. as much time as you have

2.3. talk about how to make reading fun

2.3.1. allow the children to choose their reading material

2.3.2. choose books that have subjects they are interested in

3. Conclusion

3.1. show what books are a good start

3.1.1. give options and tips for reading