Under armour

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Under armour by Mind Map: Under armour

1. Unit 1: Business Fundamentals

1.1. Types of resources: moisture-wicking and heat-dispersing fabrics,

1.2. Started off as a Sole Proprietorships in 1996 but turned into a corporate in 2001

1.3. Under Armour operates worldwide but generates most of its revenue in the US. (Place)

1.4. Athlete endorsers include Performers in football, basketball, soccer, and baseball (Promotion)

1.4.1. This leads to products designed and branded by Under armour but with the face cover of the athlete ex: Curry 7s (Stephan Curry)

1.5. Under armour has the possibility of going into a recession because of competition, management changes and stock valuation

1.5.1. Of of under armour's stocks has been terrible in the last couple of years and their revenue continues to decrease

2. Unit 2: Functions of Business

2.1. 4 Ps:

2.1.1. Product: sells sports apparel and equipment for all ages and for women, men and Children. Clothes are built using micro fibres which help the body stay warm, cool, stable or dry as per the requirement.

2.1.2. Place: A hybrid distribution system is a multi‐channel arrangement in which distribution tasks are performed by a combination of distinct channels.

2.1.3. Promotion: Does not outsource marketing. It consists of Bill boards, ads and sponsorships Under armour has also endorsed in The "I WILL" and "Basketball matters, community matters more” campaign along with athletes from different leagues and sports

2.1.4. Price: They use value based pricing strategy. There products charge a little more than other companies for its superior material and fabric

2.2. Under armour is lead by autocratic leadership

2.3. Money put into production creates less waste and reduces environmental foot print

2.4. Under armour's net revenue has exceeded 5 million.

2.5. Industry can go down with tariffs being placed

3. Unit 3: Finance

3.1. Stocks: Under Armour has two classes of publicly traded common stock listed on the New York Stock Exchange: UAA (Class A) and UA (Class C).

3.2. Under armour will generally use income statements to calculate their earnings

3.3. Under armour's stocks can get better because they are undervalued and positive developments will push shares higher

4. Unit 4: Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics.

4.1. Makes technology that helps customers track consumer's fitness. It sells online, by catalog, and through retail and outlet stores worldwide.

4.2. Under Armour innovates their product using materials to keep athletes dry and comfortable during workouts.

4.3. The Universal Guarantee of Performance gives high levels of quality, durability, and performance to UA products