Fraction Fanatics

Introduction to Fractions

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Fraction Fanatics by Mind Map: Fraction Fanatics

1. 1. What are Fractions?

1.1. Introduce that a fraction is a part out of a whole. Let students come up with their own real world examples. (Indiana Standard 3.NS.3)

1.2. Example: For example, if a pizza has 8 pieces, and Maria eats 3 pieces, she ate 3/8 of the whole pizza.

2. 2. Equivalent Fractions

2.1. Explain equivalent fractions. Link to Song (stop at 2:03): Fractions Songs For Kids: 3rd Grade, 4th Grade & 5th Grade

2.2. Use manipulatives to compare equivalent fractions. Show how lots of little parts contribute to the 1 whole: Fraction Strips | Free Virtual Manipulatives | Toy Theater

3. 3. Computations and Fractions

3.1. Adding/Subtracting using visual images such as the online fraction bars: Fraction Strips | Free Virtual Manipulatives | Toy Theater

3.2. Introduce the concept of fractions to decimals using decimal squares: Basic Concepts – Decimal Squares