Career Clusters

EDCI 270 Mind mapping

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Career Clusters by Mind Map: Career Clusters

1. What is a career cluster

1.1. Career Cluster and Pathway Activity

1.2. Provide video as hook, ask students if they have ever heard of career clusters

2. What are the 16 career clusters


2.2. After explaining what a career cluster is, explain the 16 career clusters to students and prepare them for their in class activity

3. Description, careers, activities to explore


3.2. Students will use this site to research the top 3 most interesting career clusters to them- they will take notes on the description of the cluster, what careers they could pursue, and what activities they could get involved in to see if they really will enjoy it

3.3. Browse by Career Cluster

3.4. Students will then research information on what those careers they found out about entails