Comparing and Contrasting Decades

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Comparing and Contrasting Decades by Mind Map: Comparing and Contrasting Decades

1. 100 Years of Boys' Clothes | Glamour

2. Clothing

2.1. Clothing throughout the years has drastically changed.

2.2. 100 Years of Girls' Clothing | Glamour

3. Houses

3.1. Throughout decades, the types of houses people live in and the sizes have changed and evolved to better fit living needs.

3.2. Housing Through the Centuries

3.3. As we have found better ways to shelter us, houses have continued to change.

3.3.1. Houses also change as we expand our use of technology and modernize the looks of them.

4. Other Objects

4.1. There are many other things that you can see changing through the years such as toys, trends, the use of technology, etc.

4.2. Toys used today will be different than toys that will be played with in 10 years as they are always coming out with new creations