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Allthread by Mind Map: Allthread

1. substrates

1.1. Quality sustainable built to last

1.2. Items of desire not tomorrows garbage

1.3. Innovative

1.4. Type

1.4.1. Stickers Digital Screen

1.4.2. Apparel Shirts Digitally Printed Screenprint Sweatshirts

1.4.3. Acessories Totebags outsource and in house Zipper bags

1.4.4. House Posters Digitally Printed Frames Digital Screen FS Towels Digital and screen print in house Aprons Digital and screenprint in house Glassware Outsource?

1.5. Smart

2. Tech

2.1. Backend plugins to ecommerce

2.1.1. Big Commerce

2.1.2. Woo Commerce

2.1.3. Squarespace

2.1.4. Shopify

3. Tags

3.1. The business behoid the business

3.2. Quality First

3.3. Relax let us run the business

3.4. We will make you look good in print

3.5. Built to last

3.6. Print not on demand print on quality

3.7. The article of printing

3.8. The one stop shop for hustlers

3.9. Honor the craft

3.10. Not yesterdays garbage

3.11. Honor the craft

4. Services

4.1. Brand Management / Brand Consultants

4.1.1. We can make sure you look good in print

4.2. Fullfillment

4.2.1. No need to worry about how much you need

4.2.2. Demand forecasting

4.3. Printing

4.3.1. Digital

4.3.2. Wide Format

4.3.3. Screen Waterbased Special Efffects Puff Raised Edge Foil Plastisol Discharge? Poster Ink Waterbased Posters 4 CP Ink Sim Process Fashion White

4.4. Color Management

4.4.1. is it truly panonte 032?

4.5. Packaging

4.5.1. Hang tag

4.5.2. Folding

4.5.3. Banding

4.5.4. Poly Bagging

4.5.5. Sustainable Solutions

4.6. Business Services

4.6.1. Accounting?

4.6.2. Store Managment?

5. Customers

5.1. Digital Nomad

5.2. Budding Entrepreneur

5.3. On the side

5.4. Regular Part of business easier for us

5.5. Merch Stores

5.5.1. Resturants, breweries, bakeries,

5.5.2. Companies


6.1. No your design here

6.2. No tomorrows garbage

6.3. Not on demand quality first

6.4. No empty consumerism

6.5. No Junk

6.6. No mockup generators

6.7. Not mass produced

6.8. No easy checkout process first quality first

6.9. No pricing

6.10. NO DTG First DTG second use what needs to be used

6.11. NO thousand shirt order at 3 dollars a piece

6.12. NO rock bottom prices

6.13. No retailing

7. Brand Qualities

7.1. Service

7.2. Lean Manufacturing

7.3. Trust

7.3.1. You don't want this to look like garbage we got you!

7.4. Dependability

7.4.1. You need it in texas by the 4th we got you

7.5. Subject matter experts

7.5.1. You want Pantone 032 you get pantone 032

7.5.2. Whats the best way to pack this? We got you

7.5.3. Whats the best way to ship this? We got you!

7.6. Hand Crafted

7.7. Customer First

7.7.1. Real Humans to talk to

7.7.2. Allow the customer to pull products and services

7.8. Affordability

7.9. Don't gouge the customer

7.10. Quality First Scale Second

7.11. Brand Transparency

7.12. Not focused on printing shirts we focused on the whole brand

7.12.1. Scalable solutions for the whole customer

7.12.2. Whole Solutions

7.13. Clear vision focused drive

7.14. No thousand options

7.14.1. Focused Intenionality

7.14.2. If it doesn't make sense don't do it

7.14.3. Follow the customer

7.15. Meaningful content

7.16. Feriously Independent

7.16.1. Not owned by a larger group

7.16.2. Support independent designers and brands

7.16.3. Champion the small guy

7.16.4. We are here for the hustlers, doers and dreamers

7.16.5. Don't rip of the small guy

7.17. The house that was built off of print and focused on print

7.17.1. Honor the print craft

7.17.2. Not trying to be anything else but a printshop

8. What we do

8.1. Build scale for entrepreanuers

8.2. Offer customixed printed product

8.3. Scale services

8.3.1. full Fullfillment Banding Packaging Printing

8.3.2. Half Banding Packaging Printing

8.3.3. Semi Printing

8.3.4. no Blanks

8.4. No Hastle Merchstore

9. Why Buy from us

9.1. Quality prints

9.1.1. Accurate brand colors

9.2. Quality Substrates

9.2.1. You don't want junk

9.2.2. No tomorrows garbage

9.3. You don't want to print pack and ship

9.3.1. You dont have to clean screens

9.3.2. You dont have to buy an expensive press

9.3.3. Lean how to print

9.3.4. Don't have to buy expensive equipment

9.3.5. Don't have to hire employees

9.3.6. Don't have to lease warehouse space

9.3.7. Learn how to ship and buy shipping supplies

9.4. Design first

9.5. Trust

9.5.1. We will get your order out on time

9.5.2. We will get it out looking the way you want it to

9.5.3. Treat you and your customers with the golden rule

9.6. Experts

9.7. Were not here for gimmicks

9.8. You want genuine printed products from people that know what they are doing. Your getting quality substrates and quality products at an affordable rate

9.9. Were going to take your brand as seriously as you do

9.10. Not an on demand faceless company buy from real people

9.10.1. Real People

9.10.2. Real Craft

9.10.3. Real Knowledge

9.11. Fullfillment

9.11.1. Make jewlery cool! We will ship it

9.11.2. Candles no problem we will ship it

9.11.3. You want us to put a sticker on the candle we will ship it

9.12. You want printed product but you still want to old and ship it cool! we got you

9.13. Only use DTG when needed

9.14. No mockup generators putting out crap

9.14.1. Let expert printers help you

9.14.2. Honest conversation about the end product

9.14.3. Don't produce junk

9.14.4. Intentionality and understanding of the processes capabilities and limitations

10. Oppurtunities

10.1. Digitally printed not screen printed

10.1.1. Garments have to be pre treated

10.1.2. Digital printers will buy pretreated garments

10.2. Local printshop websites suck

10.2.1. Not mobile optimize

10.2.2. Hard to tell a shops scale

10.2.3. is this the right printer for me

10.3. On Demand Printers

10.3.1. Mockup Generator Not the same as the proofing process and test print

10.3.2. How do you pick one printer over another

10.3.3. Platforms that retail You loose your brand Loose control of the image Who ones the rights to your art when you sell on a second party? Can you take your art back What happens when you want to go out on your own Large collection of stuff How do you stand out So much variety Flee market of junk No thoughful curration How do you find your voice How do you tell your voice on one product page

10.3.4. Lack of transparency

10.3.5. Fullfillment Will they fullfill product that they don't print? Will they work with EDI transactions?

10.3.6. Printful Sooooo Much Stuff!! Decision overload

10.4. How do I know if this person is right for me

11. Threats

11.1. Crowded market

11.2. On demand printers

11.2.1. Brands CustomInk Retail TeeSpring SpreadShirt Redbubble Print Printful

11.3. Local Shirt Shops

11.4. Customers that want to print themselves

11.5. Vendors

11.5.1. Zmanufacturing?

11.5.2. Envirotote

12. Challenges

12.1. How do you grow a company to 3 million in revenue not on FS towels

12.2. Product and service differentiation

12.3. Enter into a crowded marketplace

12.4. How do you intergrate blank sales into the brand

12.5. How do you integrate fullment and shipping into the brand