Navigation Systems for Exchange Students

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Navigation Systems for Exchange Students by Mind Map: Navigation Systems for Exchange Students

1. Technical Papers

1.1. A presentation showing the opportunities for universities to use Bluetooth beacons

1.2. Approvals from Universities

1.3. Timetables from Universities (rooms and buildings used)

2. Technical tools: server

2.1. System requirements for Bluetooth beacons

2.2. Creating the algorithm (based on a number of scans for each detected beacon signal)

2.3. Setting up the server

2.4. Communication module

2.4.1. Establishing compatibility with the mobile phone sensors

2.4.2. Google app store

2.5. Data storage module

2.6. Security module

3. Technical tools: client

3.1. Information gathering module

3.2. Data processing module

3.3. Communication module

4. System design

4.1. GUI (Graphical User Interface) module

4.2. User friendly app design

5. Suppliers

5.1. Searching for technical providers

6. Human resources

6.1. Product development department

6.2. Product testing department

6.3. Hardware deployment department

6.4. Quality assurance department (custom care)

6.5. Accounting and legal department

6.6. Marketing department

6.7. Acquisitions department

6.8. Installers

7. Marketing and sales

7.1. Market research

7.2. Draw up contracts

8. Setting up

8.1. Setting up the Received Signal Indicator

8.2. Testing sessions for navigation systems users

9. End result

9.1. The application