2.4 Planning A Presentation

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2.4 Planning A Presentation by Mind Map: 2.4 Planning A Presentation

1. Roc Nation Records

1.1. History: Roc Nation is a pre-eminent full service entertainment company inclusive of artist and athlete management, label, publishing, touring, and film/TV division redefining the business of entertainment. It was founded in 2008 by rapper, Jay-Z. In 2013 Roc Nation signed a multi-year partnership with Universal Music. 2010 Roc Nation Partnered with Six Zero Group, a London based entertainment company. 2013 Roc Nation signed a worldwide publishing administrator deal with Marner/Chappell music In 2017, Roc Nation had $906 million of Contracts under management with 33 clients.

1.1.1. Slogan: Greatness is a process

1.1.2. "We work late here... it's about hard work and passion and helping drive a business forward? - Michael Yormark (President of Roc Nation's Sports Division)

1.1.3. Family and loyalty are important to Roc Nation

1.1.4. Artist: J. Cole, Rhianna, Big Sean,and Shakira

1.1.5. Audience: Kristen Makarvo Human Resource Specialist Brandon Thomas Director of A&R in the NY Office Full Sail University Alumni

1.2. Downfalls of the Company

1.2.1. Less than stellar at developing and promoting artists.

1.2.2. Lack for young fresh artist

1.2.3. Opporates using the 360 deal in an age when artist want to own the rights to their own publishing . A 360 deal is a partnership bettwn the artist and music industry company where the company agrees to provide financial and other support for the artist including direct advances as well as support in marketing, promotion, touring, and other areas.

1.2.4. An afterthought compared to the other divisions of the company

2. Big Idea

2.1. To double as a Music Event Booker and A&R

2.1.1. Music Event Booker Qualifications: 5+ years working with artists, managers and events Proven track record managing multiple projects in a large organization Willingness to travel Familiarity with the current music scene and artists is a must across all genres Experience forging relationships and building trust with executives Professionalism and high level of discretion Strong established management relationships, understand event/concert booking nuances and processes, strong knowledge of key stakeholders and contacts in the space Responsiblitites:Identify, source, and secure events with Artists and Artist Managers Act as a conduit between artist and internal teams – setting expectations, coordinating deliverables, handling approvals, contract execution and payment Manage onsite contact ensuring that Roc Nation gets what it needs and that artists are provided with what was agreed to Track all event bookings from request through completion Establish and maintain relationships with artists managers Anticipate potential obstacles and propose creative solutions Communicate effectively between departments, identifying any gaps and enabling clear partnerships Maintaining up to date artist calendars

2.1.2. A&R Ensure song agreements are properly executed for every song composition before releasing music publically Assist project managers in shaping the way our artists’ brands are conveyed via their visuals, photos, public appearances, online outreach, and logos, before being presented to media and consumers Create outlets for various artists on our roster to gain early momentum and build their fan base Coordinate appearances for our artists to perform and display talent Assist with online and offline promotion

3. The Beginning (What is)

3.1. Why?

3.1.1. What is success without happiness?

3.1.2. Imagine mapping your life out and spending 4 year obtaining a degree in a field of study that you believed would bring your success and financial freedom only to realize that you were no closer to your dreams than you were prior to graduating.

3.1.3. According to my family and the Oxford definition I was a success story. I had defied the statistics of being an AA teen growing up in a single parent home by breaking generational curses. I was the first female in my immediate family to avoid being a teen mother as well as the first to graduate from college. Yes, I was a success, but what is success without happiness? I admit I was overjoyed with becoming a professional in the Mental Health world. It was the be all end all for me. Armed with a cape and S on my chest I was ready to save world. Unfortunately, I lost myself along the way. One day I hit my breaking point. I was ready to call it quit. At that time being broke and homeless was better than living in a constant state of anguish because I was like 85% of Americans that hate their job. I strongly disliked every psychology job that I ever had. I wanted to get out. I needed to get out. Feeling depressed I turn to my staple of calm...music Every since I was 2 I have loved music. It was a constant presence in my life. All I wanted to do was eat, sleep, and breathe music. I had convinced myself that I was going to be the next Musical Genius. Eventually, I was forced to face the truth that I did not have any musical talent. Instead of continuing to pursue my passion I gave up and settled. After years of devastation a light bulb come on. If my mother could go back to school at 42 why can't I. If Donzella Washington, an 80 year old could graduate from college then why can't I? I finally realized that that it's never too late to start chasing your passion.

4. The Middle

4.1. How

4.1.1. While at FSU I learned innovative business strategies to successfully sustain a company utilizing target marketing, segmentation, product distribution, and promotion. I am also comfortable with talent scouting, negotiating contracts, artist development as well as developing and executing a concert tour.

4.1.2. I am a one stop shop for all your music business needs. With my acquired skill set I am able to function in multiple departments.

4.1.3. I am a dedicated, hardworking, individual that is able to manage several tasks and meet deadlines. I proved this by working as a Full-Time Case Manager with an average of 21 cases, working part time in Customer Relations at a Live Entertainment Venue while keeping up with my weekly course work.

5. The End/Call To action

5.1. Greatness is a process. I am willing to pour 110% of myself to go through the process of redefining and rebranding Roc Nation's Record Label to acquire fresh new talent even if that means being the the first one in the office and the last one to leave in order tone move Roc Nation Records forward.

5.2. If you would like to see more of my work visit www.sequannormandoesnothaveoneyet.com

6. Slide Ideas:

6.1. Background Music: Instrumentals of songs by Roc Nation artist

6.2. A human character catching paperwork with logos or names to match the responsiblitites of a case manager, the resonsiblitites of the customer relations, and juggling school work

6.3. Pictures of Roc Nation logos, artists, and management

6.4. Pi