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My Crane by Mind Map: My Crane

1. The most important question when building a crane is...where will the centre of gravity be?

2. What is the maximum weight my crane can lift?

3. It is very important to know what the purpose of the crane is before you start building it. For example, is the crane going to be used indoors or outdoors? Is it used for construction or for lifting things? Will it be on wheels or will it be stationary?

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4. How much weight can my crane withstand?

5. Will my crane need triangles to make it stronger?

6. Will my crane need to have an arch to resist compression?

7. Will my crane need a tie?

8. Will my crane need a strut?

9. New node

10. Will my crane be a solid, frame, shell or combination structure?

11. compression?

12. torsion?

13. shear?

14. tension?

15. How will my crane resist internal forces like...

16. How will my crane resist external forces like...

17. Wind?

17.1. New node

18. Water?

19. Earth movements?

20. Natural disasters?

21. Will my crane be under the weight of 140 Kg