Specialism - Factual - Ideas

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Specialism - Factual - Ideas by Mind Map: Specialism - Factual -  Ideas

1. Documentary

1.1. Crime

1.1.1. Exploring the link between homelessness and crime I could contact charities and ask them questions

1.1.2. Exploring addiction The affect it has on families and a persons health I could contact charities and ask them questions

1.2. Homelessness

1.2.1. Homelessness in places like Derby and Chesterfield I could ask to speak homeless people and ask the general public what they think about homeless people Could visit a soup kitchen or shelter

1.3. Event

1.4. Place

1.4.1. Exploring a town or city and the things that happen Derby Chesterfield Wirksworth Sheffield

2. Awareness Video

2.1. Medical Issue/Disability

2.1.1. Cerebral Palsy

2.2. Mental Health

2.2.1. Depression

2.2.2. Anxiety

2.3. Homelessness

3. Educational Video

3.1. Scientific

3.2. Medical Issues/Mental Health

3.3. Event

3.4. Place

4. News Bulletin

4.1. Short news programme on current events

4.2. News on a specific story

5. Narrative Music Video

5.1. Raising awareness

5.1.1. Homelessness

5.1.2. Mental Health

6. Advert

6.1. This is an option however it doesn't require too much research and isn't factual however they are informative

7. Chat Show

7.1. Debating current events/news stories