ITSN TA BigDreams

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ITSN TA BigDreams by Mind Map: ITSN TA BigDreams

1. Individualized

1.1. Who

1.1.1. States

1.1.2. Tribes

1.1.3. Territories

1.2. What kind of individualized TA makes the biggest influence on access, supply and quality?

2. Universal

2.1. fact sheets

2.1.1. i/t elgs

2.1.2. it/ ckc

2.1.3. i/t credentials

2.1.4. i/t in QRIS

2.1.5. iITSN

2.2. briefs

2.3. lessons we learned from ITRG

2.4. webinars?

2.5. what works briefs

2.5.1. PPN type innovative pieces

2.6. i/t care supply building tool kit

3. Policies

3.1. subsidy for babies

3.2. licensing for babies

3.3. Quality?

3.4. workforce conditions

4. Practices

4.1. PITC

4.2. pyramid

4.3. practice-based

4.3.1. How can out Network support PBC in stronger ways

4.4. workforce wellness

4.5. Appreciative inquiry

4.6. strengths-based RBPD

4.7. process consultation

5. states

5.1. what have we learned?

5.2. what do they need?

5.3. what do they want?

5.4. blind spots

6. tribes

6.1. How to build relationships

6.2. how do we make sure our relationships, meetings are tribal driven and not state driven? How do we make tribes feel like they belong? Are equal partners in serving children and families?

6.3. how do we make sure every meeting we hold where tribes are present is respectful and welcoming and send the send the mssage that tribes are leaders

6.4. Relationship-based

6.5. How can we collaborate with the tribal center to support tribes?

7. territories

8. I/t workforce essentials

8.1. credentials

8.2. ckcs

8.3. professional learning

8.3.1. coaching

8.3.2. mentoring

8.3.3. consultation

8.3.4. apprenticeships

8.4. compesation

8.5. career pathways

9. i/t child care/ccdf levers of change

9.1. licesning

9.2. subsidy

9.3. PDS

9.4. quality frameworks/QRIS

10. cross-sector/systems building alignment for babies

11. blind spots?

12. I/t child care supply building?

12.1. Who will take care of the babies?

12.2. toolkit?

12.3. How can CCDF help solve this problem?

12.4. FFN - would it do us well to serve more work with supporting this population? How do we think about what else we can offer for tribes, states and territories to do this?

13. CHild Care deserts

13.1. Startegies

13.2. Polices

14. Inclusion of ALL in our TA

14.1. How do we make sure we've ensure meaningful participation of everyone regardless of ability?

14.1.1. Checklists Protocol Training planning for inclusion?

14.2. asking about needs up front

14.3. Virtual meetings - understanding how our new platform meets different needs

14.4. We can be more intentional about any infant/toddler presentations we develop be sure to have photos of children with special needs and different abilities PLAYING WITH OTHER CHILDREN! Let's ask!

15. Innovations, social media, apps, what are millineals using for information?

15.1. How can we make our TA responsive to digital natives?

15.2. Virtual coaching

15.2.1. We want to know about... quick interview - how are you doing this? how did you make it work? what are you learning Peer-to-peer?

15.2.2. Podcast to share innovations Interview with states

15.3. hold a series of follow-up meetings after an event

15.3.1. 1st - write down what they're looking for 2nd have someone come on and address their questions 3rd. follow up on the topic

16. How do we create a parallel process for how we "inhabit" our work?

16.1. Continuity of Care we provide

16.2. TFT - what does it look like to be in parallel process to be/ reminders we send, etc.

16.3. Practices that live through the work they do. unpacking the teaching practices and themes of awareness to help them see how their work comes together. When we unpack and see these practices I feel confident saying we "inhabit" a lot of these practices.

17. Beyond follow-up (e.g.TFT)

17.1. Can we have a menu of opportunities for what they would like follow-up to be? Here are some options for supporting learning and implementation of these ideas and supports. This could be a piece of it and other products and services we could put out... E.g. hot topics - always offering a menu

18. COnnection and COllaboration

18.1. OHS and OCC

18.1.1. Each TA has a i/t specialist for every region on the OHS side

18.2. EHS/CC Partnership expansion

18.3. Partnerships with research?

18.3.1. OPRE Child Trends

18.3.2. How are we leveraging our network Find research on coaching models, etc.

18.3.3. What works briefs? Digestible research How do we help

18.4. Home-based - inclusive of FFN and FCC

18.4.1. ECQA!!!

18.5. QRIS -tools, etc.

18.6. Home visiting

19. Racial Equity lens

19.1. How do we embed one in our work?

19.1.1. Our values?

19.1.2. Guidance for how we approach our work

20. Core Characteristics of our TA

20.1. Other lenses? Values?

20.1.1. how do we marry these with OCC's priorities?

20.2. play book?

20.3. How do we do our work?

20.3.1. HOw do we use our tools?

20.3.2. Practices we embody?

20.3.3. How do we collaborate?

20.3.4. What are the services we use?

20.4. Implementation science- what does this tell us about our work? we're in our 2-5 year time frame?

20.4.1. what else can we be doing to enhance our services?

20.5. Strengths-based?

21. Any issues we need to get "in front of"? Things we need to forecast?

21.1. lessons learned about...

21.2. Economic mobility

21.3. homelessness

21.4. opiod crisis

21.5. Apprenticeships

21.5.1. How can we support this?

21.6. the idea of workforce compensation

21.7. the teacher who is driving the change and not the system

21.8. How are we empowering the providers and not a top down.

21.9. How are we building agency to build the change?

21.10. Fortunately/unfortunately

21.10.1. our messaging is powerful. how do we use it in a practical way

21.11. what are our superpowers?

21.12. t

21.13. Pre-K expansion is hurting i/t - rooms closing

21.13.1. how do we help states see this is an OPPORTUNITY to serve MORE infants and toddlers through CCDF, contracts and grants, etc.

21.13.2. OHS expansion will also be on the table

21.14. QRIS - reconsidering if their states are of any value

21.14.1. are they doing what they're supposed to be doing?

21.15. head start expansion