Ancient Civilizations

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Ancient Civilizations by Mind Map: Ancient Civilizations

1. Egypt

1.1. Econmy

1.1.1. they were priest

1.1.2. there also was pharaohs

1.1.3. and there were slaves

1.2. Government

1.2.1. Pharaohs were all power full and could make you do anything they wanted you to do.

1.3. Religion

1.3.1. One of the main gods was Ra

1.3.2. Pharaohs were worshiped as gods

1.3.3. Polytheism

1.4. Social Structure

1.4.1. Pharaohs were the most powerful in Egypt

1.4.2. priest were in the middle

1.4.3. slaves were at the bottom.they were lest powerful.

1.5. Geography

1.5.1. Mostly desert

1.5.2. Depended on the Nile River

1.5.3. Alot of sand