The Digestive System

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The Digestive System by Mind Map: The Digestive System

1. Pancreas

1.1. Secretes amylase to break down food in small intestine

1.2. Secrets other enzymes to help in digestion

2. Gallbladder

2.1. Stores bile and secretes it into the small intestines when needed

3. Esophagus

3.1. Food is transported to the stomach

4. Anus

4.1. Muscular opening where waste is removed

5. Liver

5.1. Secretes bile into the small intestines to help break down fats

6. Stomach

6.1. Mechanical & Chemical digestion

6.2. Churn the food

6.3. HCL Kills bacteria

7. Large Intestines

7.1. Absorbs water back into blood stream

7.2. Contains bacteria that break down undigested materials and then absorbs them (Vitamins B&K)

8. Small intestines

8.1. Absorption of nutrients

8.2. Chemical Digestion

9. Mouth

9.1. Chemical & Mechanical digestion

9.2. Teeth break down food