Contextualizing Praxis

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Contextualizing Praxis by Mind Map: Contextualizing Praxis

1. In my workplace

1.1. Engaging in dialogue about the current tensions between faculty where one gender is asserting themselves as superior. Acknowledging/confronting the existing practices and attitudes is a first step in confronting the systems that have supported them. The current issues in my own workplace have been discussed between myself, my coordinator, and the dean of our program.

1.2. Stepping up for those who are being oppressed and not having their voice heard. There is a need to acknowledge my own privilege and deal with the discomfort that comes with that, but also find ways to use my privilege to be an advocate and promote others who may be oppressed.

1.3. I want to challenge certain groups within my workplace to seek out education around how to better support. In particular, there is much more information needed in my organization about micro-aggressions and the impacts they have in staff and students who experience marginalization

1.4. Being more engaged with union activity and fighting for a better environment for all.

2. In a volunteer/extra-curricular setting

2.1. In volunteer groups focused on climate change, I want to advocate for increased collaboration with and recognition of the work that Indigenous communities are doing and have been to doing to address these issues for years. I believe that work can't be separated from Indigenous communities and I think it's important to challenge that idea anytime it is.

3. Social networks/online

3.1. oof. big ask. Perhaps I could take action in real life about the things that I read online instead of being outraged by what I hear online and then just leaving it there. Hope that makes sense.

4. In our own learning/education

4.1. educating myself on systems of oppression so that I am informed enough to join the conversation wherever I am needed

4.2. Spend some time learning how to lead. As a woman, I have always doubted my leadership abilities but I do not think that I have an excuse to shy away anymore.

5. In my classroom

5.1. diversify content

5.2. Working to ensure that the people that I advise are not making programs that contribute to an old colonial mindset

5.3. Being a better advocate for those in my institution who deserve to participate in any program that they want but may not be able to afford it

6. in my relationships

6.1. some of my family members have very harmful and old school views on race/gender that I do not agree with. Sometimes it's hard to bring up how I feel about it because I don't want to rock the boat or be labeled as over-reactionary. To engage in the praxis of being a better ally, i will not choose silence. I will engage in dialogue with my family members about these topics

6.2. Being more patient and engaging in dialogue instead of diatribes