Teaching & Learning

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Teaching & Learning by Mind Map: Teaching & Learning

1. Characteristics of Learning

1.1. Learning is growth.

1.2. Learning is experience.

1.3. Learning involves change.

1.4. Learning requires interaction.

1.5. Learning involves activities.

1.6. Learning involves problem-solving.

1.7. Learning is a lifelong process.

2. Characteristics of Good Teaching

2.1. Compassionate/Caring

2.2. Genuine

2.3. Enthusiastic

2.4. Attentive

2.5. Honest

2.6. Organized

2.7. Encouraging students to learn

2.8. Invested in their work

2.9. Approachable/available to answer questions

2.10. Provides engaging lessons/activities

3. Connections of Teaching & Learning

3.1. Students learn in different ways.

3.2. Students learn more easily when they have a desire to learn.

3.3. Students learn best when they take an active part in what is to be learned.

3.4. Learning will be much more effective when a feeling of satisfaction or reward is part of the process.

3.5. Students learn best when they are challenged and when a range of instructional strategies are used.

3.6. Effective learning is relevant to the student's life.

3.7. Effective learning takes place when students receive feedback on their performance.

3.8. An enjoyable learning experience is more likely to be remembered.

3.9. The emotional state and involvement of students will shape how well and how much they learn.