Thyroglossal Cyst

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Thyroglossal Cyst by Mind Map: Thyroglossal Cyst

1. ectopic thyroid tissue

2. thyroglossal duct from base of tongue to normal position in infrahyoid neck during embryogenesis

3. cysts, fistulas, or solid nodules of thyroid tissue

4. most common midline neck mass in children

5. surgical removal b/c rare presence of carcinoma

5.1. 1% papillary thyroid carcinoma

6. PE:

6.1. painless

6.2. cystic, mobile, fluctuant midline mass

6.3. moves with swallowing or protrusion of tongue


7.1. FNA=confirm cell identification


8.1. requires excision of cyst and ENTIRE thyroglossal duct tract. Failure to remove=common cause reoccurrence