Sadie Roberston

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Sadie Roberston by Mind Map: Sadie Roberston

1. Achievements

1.1. written multiple books

1.2. successful podcast

1.2.1. "Whoa That's Good" Podcast

1.3. successful social media platforms

1.3.1. sets a Christian example to her followers

1.4. Developed brand "Live Original"

1.4.1. brand is used to share faith and empower other young women

1.5. Season 19 Dancing With the Stars

1.6. donated to multiple charities

1.7. "Live Original Tour"

1.7.1. Touring across the U.S. to share faith

1.8. spoken in multiple concerts/events

2. Beliefs

2.1. Christian Faith

2.2. Social Media can be used for good

2.3. example setter

3. Character

3.1. Compassionate

3.2. faithful

3.3. loyal

3.4. caring

3.5. selfless

3.6. religious