What is community psychology

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What is community psychology by Mind Map: What is community psychology

1. ¿What happened before CP? (1890-1914)

1.1. Social institutions had a lot of problems with immigration, urbanization and poverty

2. Research of the people’s strengths over weaknesses as they live in difficult situations

3. Holistic approach of the person in a multiple social system

4. Study of people in context

5. CP´s Goal

5.1. Community development as the members of the community become active in the process.

6. ¿How did CP start? (1960)

6.1. Tied to clinical psychology

6.2. Unequal treatment. Poor people were treated in mental hospitals with drug therapy

6.3. It was recognized the importance of environment in the well-being of individuals

6.4. Social-political context

6.4.1. Civil rights movement, women’s movement and peace movement

7. ¿How does CP advocate well-being to the community?

7.1. Many scientific methods

7.1.1. Participatory

7.1.2. Action-oriented

8. ¿Where was it developed?

8.1. Canada

8.2. Australia

8.3. New Zealand

8.4. United Kingdom

8.5. South Africa

8.6. Latin America

8.7. United States

9. Authors

9.1. Geoff

9.2. Isaac