Human Rights and Peace Studies

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Human Rights and Peace Studies by Mind Map: Human Rights and Peace Studies

1. Peace

1.1. Negative Peace

1.1.1. Negative peace indicates the absence of war and other forms of large scale violent conflict

1.2. Positive Peace

1.2.1. Positive peace indicates the simultaneous presence of. many desirable states of mind and society, such as harmony, justice, equity, and so on

2. Justice

2.1. Cosmopolitanism

2.1.1. Towards a common set of institutions that could attempt to realize the same standards of fairness or equal opportunity that one wants for one’s own society.

2.2. Political Conception

2.2.1. A political community that exercises dominion over its own citizens, and demands from them allegiance and obedience to its laws, must take up an impartial, objective attitude toward them all

3. Conflict Resolution

3.1. Conflict resolution is a way for two or more parties to find a peaceful solution to a disagreement among them

3.2. Steps

3.2.1. Define the source of the conflict

3.2.2. Look beyond the incident

3.2.3. Request solutions

3.2.4. Solutions both disputants can support

3.2.5. Agreement