Onier Villarreal

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Onier Villarreal by Mind Map: Onier Villarreal

1. Physician

1.1. Board certified

1.1.1. Emergency medicine

1.1.2. Critical care medicine

1.1.3. Neurocritical care medicine

1.2. Finished medical school in 2004 and emergency medicine critical care training at Shock Trauma in Baltimore in 2009

1.2.1. This is where Siobhán and I met!

1.3. Started out in academia and transitioned to administrative medicine in 2012

1.3.1. This led to me opening my own business!

2. Military Officer

2.1. Member of the US Air Force Reserve, Major

2.1.1. I'm up for lieutenant colonel this year!

2.2. Currently serve as flight surgeon for the 63rd Air Refueling Squadron

2.3. Deployed to Somalia from August to October 2019 as flight surgeon and combat rescue medical director

3. Healthcare Executive / Business Owner

3.1. Started out as medical director for EmCare (now Envision) in 2012

3.2. Made it to executive vice-president for the company in 2016.

3.3. Left my executive job to start my own business, Innovitas Healthcare Solutions in 2017

3.3.1. Starting a new venture, direct emergency services, this year.

3.4. Have no regrets about this decision!

4. Individual

4.1. Husband/Father

4.1.1. Married to my amazing wife Siobhán

4.1.2. Father to 4 awesome kids Saoirse - 4 (and a half... if you ask her) y/o girl Caoimhe - 3y/o girl Declan - 1.5 y/o boy Caoilainn - 3 month old girl

4.1.3. They keep me centered in all I do and remind me of why I get up and work everyday.

4.2. Born and raised in Puerto Rico

4.2.1. Fluent in Spanish and English

4.3. Love to travel!

4.3.1. Have visited most European countries, Africa (while deployed), China and South America.

4.4. My hobbies are reading and drinking wine... not in that order.

4.4.1. I share these hobbies with my wife! Although our 3 month old makes things a tad more complicated...