Discovery Learning

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Discovery Learning by Mind Map: Discovery Learning

1. This method is found useful mostly when students have prior knowledge

2. Jerome Bruner

2.1. Discovered 3 stages of intellectual development in children

2.1.1. Enactive stage -birth to 3 yrs old Children are less likely to tell a story and more likely to model at this age

2.1.2. Iconic stage 3-8 yrs old Children remember and use information through images Children can imagine and think about actions without actually going through the experience

2.1.3. Symbolic stage 8 yrs and up Children use words and images to represent something or someone

3. Implications for education

4. Implications for technology integration

4.1. Teachers show students a video that displays and issue and the teacher then helps the students find a resolution.

5. Children build their knowledge through first-hand experiences