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15 Events by Mind Map: 15 Events

1. The War of 1812

1.1. Between America and Britain

1.2. Also known as "Mr. Madison War"

1.3. The U.S had more naval power

2. The war ends (1814)

2.1. American and British representatives meet

2.2. They singed a peace treaty

2.3. Then after they fought one more battle.

3. James Madison President(1809)

3.1. Signed the Constituition

3.2. Was a Democratic-Rebublican

3.3. Served 4 terms

4. The National Road(1809-1837)

4.1. Went through Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia

4.2. It was federally funded

4.3. Was the first major improved highway in the U.S

5. James Monroe Presidency(1820)

5.1. Was a Democratic-Rebublican

5.2. Was in the Virginia Militia in the Revolutionary War

5.3. Bought Florida from Spain

6. Erie Canal opens(1825)

6.1. Transfers from Albany to Buffalo

6.2. Clinton was governor at this time

6.3. 363-mile waterway

7. Industrial growth(1790's-1830's)

7.1. New laws allow corporations to grow

7.2. Had high legal status

7.3. Carried stock and other goods

8. John Q. Adams presidency(1830)

8.1. Was a Democratic-Republican

8.2. Son of John Adams(founding father)

8.3. He had a major in science

9. Mexico became a Republic (1824)

9.1. Used to be a Monarchy

9.2. 12 years later the Mexican-American war will start

9.3. Later America will get bigger from the Mexican's land

10. Missouri Compromise passed(1820)

10.1. Made Missouri a slave state

10.2. Balanced the free and slave states

10.3. Allowed Maine to become a free state

11. Andrew Jackson's presidency(1825)

11.1. Was a Democrat

11.2. Made changes to how presidency was ran

11.3. Was a messenger for the local militia (Age 10)

12. Martin Van Buren is President(1840)

12.1. Was a Democrat

12.2. Was a skilled politician

12.3. Was the first president born in the U.S

13. Cargo boat growth(1850's)

13.1. Cargo boat usage increased

13.2. Also they carried passengers too

13.3. Iron and steel boats were introduce

14. Workers publish Lowell Offering(1840)

14.1. Stories about workers lives

14.2. Were fiction stories

14.3. Meant to show how workers were not happy in factories

15. Louisiana Purchase(1803)

15.1. Doubled the size of U.S

15.2. Bought from France

15.3. Cost $15,000,000