ADDIE for Sales L&D Content Design and Implementation

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ADDIE for Sales L&D Content Design and Implementation by Mind Map: ADDIE for Sales L&D Content Design and Implementation

1. Analyse

1.1. * Define your audience

1.1.1. Make sure you also address the technical options of assigning the learning program to this audience and/or building, communicating and reporting on the new user group

1.2. * Build project team

1.2.1. Assign roles and define tasks; if necessary, identify back-up

1.3. * Identify the new behavioral outcome

1.4. * Analyze and identify delivery options

1.5. * Determine learning constraints, if any

1.5.1. Identify mandatory prerequisites, if any

1.6. * Build timeline for project (phases) completion

1.6.1. Communicate this with project team

2. Design

2.1. * Determine program structure, sequence and duration

2.2. * Document the project’s instructional, visual and technical design strategy

2.3. * Create storyboard

2.3.1. Request feedback and make corrections, if any, before submitting the script for audio recording

2.4. * Create a prototype and validate graphic design options

2.4.1. Once the prototype is created, take slide screenshots and add them to storyboard for approval and documentation

3. Develop

3.1. * Create and assemble content items

3.2. * QA content for standard navigation, graphics and completion criteria

3.2.1. Done internally, as well as in the LMS to store the learning program

3.3. * Review and revise according to feedback

4. Implement

4.1. * Inform and train shareholders on new LMS features, curricula, registration process and support

4.1.1. Consider internal campaigns and launch calendars

4.2. * Communicate and ensure support for learner registration and access

4.2.1. Advertise the new learning program on intranet platforms, local newsletters and partner publications

5. Evaluate

5.1. * Record and analyse learner feedback

5.2. * Identify recurrent support inquiries and reported difficulties, if any

5.2.1. Document and communicate to better support learners and content developers