Virtual Learning Enviroment

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Virtual Learning Enviroment by Mind Map: Virtual Learning Enviroment

1. VLE is a technological system that benefits the student from virtual modalities.

1.1. How does VLE contribute to acquiring new knowledge ?

1.1.1. For the virtual learner its essential because without that platform the student would not be able to do all the activities required.

2. Advantages of use Tics in Education.

2.1. Power creativity

2.1.1. Through many tools they can make slide shows or infographics.

2.2. Accessible

2.2.1. Accessible to anyone who has a computer, tablet or smartphone.

2.3. Better communication

2.3.1. Better communication between teachers and students.

3. Disadvantantages of use Tics in Education.

3.1. Incomplete and superficial learning.

3.2. Distractions.

3.2.1. Students can easily get distracted by wasting valuable time.

3.3. Generates Anxieties.

3.3.1. High levels of addiction: when they use the Tics, some people become addicted generating anxiety.

4. How do we build autonomous learning from their point of view ?

4.1. Autonomous learning is constructed through self-evaluation.

4.2. Students have to be disciplined and consisten.

4.3. You have to study hard.