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1. Study of People in their Environment

1.1. Participant Observation

1.1.1. Ethnographer Understanding human behaviour, norms, and practices, in specific contexts

1.1.2. Designer Supporting the activities of these communities

2. Guiding Principles

2.1. Natural Settings

2.1.1. Field work is key, NOT a lab

2.2. Holism

2.2.1. Behaviours can only be understood in the context of which they occur

2.3. Descriptive

2.3.1. How people actually behave, not how they ought to

2.4. Member's Point of View

2.4.1. Bottom-Up perspective

2.4.2. Researchers are not observing from afar

2.4.3. Findings should be relevant and meaningful to participants

3. Field Methods

3.1. Observation

3.1.1. Notes

3.1.2. Recorded Video

3.1.3. Recorded Audio

3.2. Interviews

3.2.1. Based on local location or participant's comfort

3.2.2. Contextual inquiry

3.3. Video Analysis

3.3.1. Video cameras or other small portable equipment

3.3.2. Can be used to observe how participants act to empathize with them, and identify pain points

4. Linking Ethnography and Design...

4.1. Ethnography informs design

4.2. Great design connects with people

4.3. Designers need to have compassion and empathy to design user-centric products for their audiences

4.4. Can help you understand norms that can influence design decisions

4.5. Identify barriers/user pain points


5.1. can...

5.1.1. Help define the information and deliverables needed to communicate research effectively

5.1.2. Confirm that people meet the criteria

5.1.3. Prepare the research/test material and set frameworks for interpreting the data

5.1.4. Participate in the research and make observations

5.1.5. Transform observations and data into a compelling story

5.1.6. Create a visual narrative to display information and accelerate buy-in

6. can...

6.1. Help stakeholders understand the importance of research

6.2. Define and find the best users to study

6.3. Design the specific method for collecting data and the study protocols

6.4. Know how to probe, and ask the right questions to observe small details and understand the user

6.5. Lead the analysis

6.6. Tell the story in a way that helps people embrace recommendations

7. My Ethnographic Studies

7.1. How Video Gamers Find Their Games

7.1.1. ?

7.2. Decision-Making Criteria in Video Gamers

7.2.1. ?

7.3. Centre of Learning & Development — Website Navigation Behaviours

7.3.1. Website IA Redesign

7.4. UTSC Library Student Space Usage

7.4.1. Website IA & Space Redesign

7.5. UTSG Students Navigating Mental Health Resources

7.5.1. Telempathy