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Crane by Mind Map: Crane

1. Function

1.1. How does this structure benefit the society?

1.1.1. How does this structure help?

1.2. What does this structure do?

1.3. Is this structure used for transportation?

1.4. How can you make sure the crane is safe?

1.4.1. How can you make sure it won't harm anyone?

1.5. What if there is an emergency?

1.5.1. Is there a way to stop the crane?

2. Form

2.1. What type of structure is this?

2.2. What type of materials are used to make this structure?

2.2.1. How are the materials significant?

2.3. Does this structure have a bad design?

2.3.1. Why or why not?

2.4. Is the foundation solid and strong?

2.5. What are some kinds of structural components in this crane?

2.5.1. How does triangles help keep it from being a structural failure? What type of trusses are there in this crane?

2.6. Are there any ties and struts that keep the crane from falling down?

2.6.1. How does these supports help it from collapsing?

2.7. Are there any corrugations in the materiels?

2.8. Is the lamination helping the crane from falling?

2.8.1. Is there enough layers? Should there be more?

2.9. Is this structure symmetrical?

2.9.1. How does it help to be symmetrical?

3. Forces

3.1. What kind of forces are there?

3.1.1. What happens if there are too much loads?

3.2. What are the Internal Forces that will affect this structure?

3.2.1. How does these forces affect it?

3.3. Where is the center of gravity?

3.3.1. Why is the the center of gravity there?

3.4. What happens if there is wind?

3.4.1. What is the magnitude of the wind?

3.4.2. Where is the point of application?

3.4.3. Where is the plane of application?

3.4.4. What is the direction the wind is going?

3.5. What is the Dead load if the crane is the live load?

3.5.1. What are some examples of dynamic loads that affect this design?

3.6. Is the structure's weigh symmetrical?

3.6.1. What would happen if one side was heavier then the other? How does the center of gravity change if the two sides are not the same?